You think you’ve heard it all before?

How would you like to get 5, 10, 30 or even 50+ high-value clients each and every month with predictability and consistency?

Even if you don’t have a huge budget and have never been able to successfully generate clients consistently using digital marketing.

We are talking about owning a selling system where you can have a money making system where you can put R1 in and it generates up to R2, R5, R10, R50 or even R200 back.

This is how you scale a business!

At Surge Digital we help companies scale their businesses and get growth. We show our clients how to convert leads into high paying clients with predictability and consistency. We track only conversions that convert into clients, close rates and how much money they generate from each client. We report and track everything ensuring paid advertising is turned into profit!

An effective selling system for growing a consulting or service-based business

What does it take to build a successful business?

Breaking down the math to building a successful business could look as follows:

  • 9 Whale clients paying you R100 000 plus per month each
  • 17 high-ticket clients paying you R50 000 plus per month each
  • 42 medium-sized clients paying you R2o 000 plus per month each
  • 84 small businesses paying you R10 000 plus per month each
  • 167 micro clients paying you R5 o00 per month each

We outline the following options and how you could target say 42 medium-sized clients paying you R2o 000 plus per month each.

42 clients / 12 months equals 3.5 clients per month (Rounded to 4 clients per month to hit a million rand in revenue)

How do you hit the target and go out there and start getting clients?

The three keys you need in order to successfully land high-value clients each and every month like clockwork:

  1. Affordable and highly targeted traffic
  2. A system to turn that traffic into ready to buy leads
  3. And a script (of exactly what to say to these leads) to convert them into high paying clients

1. Affordable and highly targeted traffic

People are flooding online using their mobile devices. The internet is now the single largest advertising channel that exists.

What does this mean for you?

First rule in growing a business is to go where your customers are and where they are congregating – that is online. Get in front of those people that are great candidates for your services. There’s never been an easier time to target your dream clients online successfully.

Step one is looking at the audience targeting! There is a huge opportunity with both Facebook and Google search from prospects in the marketplace looking for solutions to their problems. What are people actively searching for?

2. A system to turn that traffic into ready to buy leads

An opt-in page to obtain email addresses in exchange for a high-value content offer (basically a piece of useful information). Create your best 5 page PDF that simply addresses the most burning question your market is having or experiencing – nothing will give you a lower cost per lead, converting visitors to leads at a rate of 20% – 50%.

Once your report is downloaded your prospects get redirected to a landing page where you make a godfather offer (which is simply an offer that is too good to be true). Prospects simply can’t refuse it. This is typically done in a 30 – 60 minute phone consultation or strategy session and typically converts around 10% of all the people who downloaded the free report to take you up on this offer. These aren’t just any old people – these are super highly qualified and motivated buyers!

You make every lead fill in a short questionnaire just to be able to speak to you. Then the prospect clicks a button and is taken through to a special automated calendar were the prospects can see your available times on a calendar and simply book in a time that is convenient to them. No back and forth looking at times – it is all streamlined and super simple.

You are able to take complete strangers that know absolutely nothing about you bringing them to an opt-in page for R10 to R20 per click. Creating leads for as low as R20 to R100 per lead. You then get a percentage of what we call hyperactive buyers to book in calls on your calendar for as little as just R35o per lead.

Using the system we routinely get qualified and eager to buy appointments for as little as R35o. These are pre-qualified, predisposed and motivated buyers that have filled out a questionnaire coming to you to solve their problems, with a booking at a specific time to speak to you. An automated selling system!

3. A script to convert them into high paying clients

We are looking to turning complete strangers into high-paying clients like clockwork.

Question: What motivated you to take the time out of your day and book this call in with me today? Where does it hurt?

We take the prospect from where you are to where you want to go. Your offer and your service is the bridge in taking them from where they are to where they want to go.

Attention is in the diagnosis and not on what you are trying to sell. If what you are looking to sell can help them, you want to make them an offer that is so irresistible for them to solve that problem and take them from where they are to where it is that they want to go.

You’re not selling your time. You are not selling your knowledge. You are selling the value of the results you deliver. That’s what your client wants! You are selling a result that your offer enables.

A great sales formula and script is essential to any business selling a service regardless of what price point and what industry that you operate in. In other words no matter what you sell whether it’s value is R2o000 or R50o000 a sales script is seriously powerful.

client getting system

Converting appointments at a rate of 20% using these script means that you are able to get business for as little as R1750 i.e. generating clients for as little as R1750.

You literally have a machine where you can put in R1750 and it spits out R2o000. And that’s just in month one if you are charging these client’s monthly. If you are working with this client for a minimum of 6 to 12 months then you are looking at R12o000 to R240000. And if you break it down it’s R10 in and R110 out in the first 30 days!

Going back to the math target for 42 medium-size clients paying you R20000 per month each.

42 clients ÷ 12 months equals 3.5 or 4 clients per month in order to hit a million rand revenue mark.

If you…

  • knew exactly how to generate an almost unlimited flood of highly targeted traffic
  • knew how to turn the traffic into hundreds of ready to buy leads each month for just R100, R50 and even R20 a lead
  • had a great script of what to say to these leads to convert them into high-value dream clients each and every month like clockwork

Do you think you could grow your business? Do you think you could get targeted clients each and every month. More specifically could you grow your business in the next six to 12 months?

Do you think by using the system you could land 4 new clients per month?

Based on this math you would only need to spend around R7000 in order to get 4 clients.

For now let’s be conservative saying that it works out to be twice as expensive in your market, so instead of the R35o per lead lets say R700 and instead of the 20% close rate on these leads it’s just 10%. This is what the numbers look like.

Our Client Getting System

So instead of it costing you just R1750 to acquire a new client it’s now costing you R7000.

Let’s make things even worse saying doubling the costs once again.

Our Client Getting System

That would mean that you would be spending R1400 to get a lead and you would be converting those at 10% meaning it would be costing you R14000 to acquire a customer.

So that’s R14000 to acquire a client that is worth R120000 in six months in R240000 over 12 months.

Being more conservative let’s say that these clients will only be with you for a maximum of six months which is very unlikely but let’s just play devil’s advocate. So that is R14000 to acquire a client that is worth R120000.

Breaking it down further that is R10 in and R85 out.

So if you are paying R14000 to acquire each client, times 4 clients equals R56000.

So we put R56000 in and R480000 out and that is only if they hang around for 6 months.

Over twelve months it will be R56000 in and R960000 out. That’s a 1614% return.

Congratulations you are now financially free!

You now have a multiplying money machine that you are in complete control of!

We have tips, hacks, techniques, unfair advantages and secrets that we could teach you .

Contact us to discuss a complete step-by-step selling system that is ready right now for you to adapt to your business to immediately start flooding with clients.