How Surge works with you

Our time-tested marketing process starts with a dive into your industry and continues with an in-depth marketing roadmap. We continually assess our efforts to make sure we're fulfilling on your goals. Check out our step-by-step plan.



We'll deep-dive into your industry and business to see what's working, what isn't, and how we can help. We'll identify goals, clarify pain points, and provide tactical suggestions. We pride ourselves on being honest about the value we can provide: If we don't think we're a good fit together, then we will be honest and tell you.


Inbound Audit

We'll analyze your website to identify holes and diagnose specific problems. Maybe you are hitting all of the inbound stops, but the results aren't reflecting your efforts. We’ll find the spots where your marketing and sales funnel is lacking in order to start clearly defining solutions.


Marketing Strategy

We'll analyze your challenges, consider your goals, and study your target buyer personas. No matter your industry, we'll develop a detailed, comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that works for you. It's clear and easy — we do all of the heavy lifting!



Once we’ve determined where your problems lie and create your customised roadmap, we'll offer recommendations for our partnership. We don’t have a "one size fits all" option. Some partnerships are full-service, while some are simpler consultations. We’ll offer what we think works best to help you achieve your goals.



Once the plan's in place, we'll put your new inbound marketing strategy in motion. We'll fulfill on the details of our proposal. This includes an onboarding process, setting up, and then optimizing your portal. Your goals guide every step we take.


Generate Leads

After your inbound foundation is in place and your marketing funnel is built, we’ll use the inbound methodology to generate leads by launching your first campaigns. We'll suggest and optimize content and premium offers, nurture leads throughout the customer lifecycle, and continually identify those ready for your sales team.


Monthly Reports

We think it's important to continually update you on our value to your company, as well as keeping you informed of results and targets using real data from web analytics. We'll provide comprehensive MOM growth reports, holding ourselves accountable to your goals.


Adapt Strategy

A marketing strategy is never truly complete, and the inbound methodology includes endless revision and refinement. As we learn and analyze your data, we'll adapt your strategy to continue reaching and exceeding your goals.

How to ensure our partnership is successful

An inbound marketing strategy is dependent on your goals, and it can only work with your partnership. Here's how to ensure we can work together efficiently.

QContribute consistently

One key to any inbound strategy is consistency. We'll brainstorm the best ideas, guide content creation, and optimize for the best results. It's up to you to fulfill on your agreed deadlines — it'll keep the content machine churning. After all, your roadmap won't work unless you do!

QGet comfortable taking risks

The inbound marketing methodology is a hard break from "traditional" marketing. It's effective and innovative — and for that reason, you should go into our partnership ready to take the leap. We'll suggest fresh new ideas for your marketing, and to fulfill on your goals, you'll need to keep an open mind.

QKeep few cooks in the kitchen

Your entire company is invested in your success, but it's important to prevent too many hands from interfering with your inbound marketing strategy. To efficiently strategize and create content, you should choose only the most important stakeholders to give input and trust the experts you hired to complete your partnership.

QMove slowly but steadily

While getting started with an inbound strategy is exciting, it is important to set a realistic timeline for achieving your goals, and we'll clearly document our strategy for getting there. It's vital to take time (and care) to create and act upon a winning strategy. Rushing through the process will create messy work and inadequate results.

QSet realistic expectations

We'll always set realistic goals and dilligently work to achieve them. It's important for you to also be realistic about traffic, lead generation, and sales goals. You should remember that inbound grows gradually with time — but it builds high-quality leads and converts lasting customer relationships in the process.

QTrust your inbound team

Our team has extensive expertise in design and marketing. We trust you to provide quality insight into your business operations and industry caveats — and we want you to trust us in our design and marketing choices. The more freedom you offer your inbound team, the greater (and faster) your results will grow.

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