Surge Digital is dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their online investments. We understand the complexity of your business needs, and our support service is committed to delivering fast resolution to keep your business up and running smoothly and profitably.

Support Method:

Email [email protected]
Phone: +27 21 813 6157

Supported Users: 1 user (additional users may be supported at R250/month/user)

This support includes:

  • Customer website support queries
  • Assistance on how to use the content management system.
  • Website hosting server is down
  • Billing related issues

This plan does not include:

  • Changes or modifications to the site.
  • Personal help setting up features to external sources (QuickBooks, Outlook, etc.)
  • Training and/or assistance on how to use the system beyond what is outlined in your initial training.
  • Email server is down
  • Email functionality is not working properly
  • Trouble with accessing your email

All items that are performed for the client outside of what is defined in this plan will be billed at our hourly rate. It is Surge Digital’s sole discretion to determine whether or not a client’s request is a billed request.

For support on client requests:

  • If the request will take 15 min or less we will look to implement straight away. We will track the time and invoice.
  • If the task will take 15 or more we schedule the work for later in the day. We do the work and send email once done. We track the time and invoice. If the change or update request is 1 hour or less – unless you specifically say quote us on the work we are going to do the work, track the time and bill you in 15 min increments.
  • If the request will take 1 hour or more we will email you an estimate. Only when written approval is received from the customer will we start the work (schedule it) – up to four hour projects.
  • Anything over 4 hours we need a scope of work attached, and it will need to go through an account manager to make sure we are delivering the right thing for the client. We schedule a few days out, blocking the next available time, then get client approval on timeline. If more urgent then higher rate can be charged.

If you should require additional support beyond this, please speak to us about setting up a service level agreement.