Surge is your digital marketing services partner. We apply our expertise in inbound marketing strategy, content marketing, graphic design, web development and industry-leading inbound marketing software to attract, convert and nurture qualified leads.

Since the original agency, which was founded in 2007, the company has evolved a philosophy that combines user-centered design and web business technology to exceed client expectations.

Surge is an digital marketing agency that’s driven by creative solutions and real analytics. We believe that connecting the dots between every marketing action can help any organization meet its goals. Our Cape Town–based team includes talented wordsmiths, strategists, designers, and developers.

The Team

Our core focus and niche


At our core, we want to partner with and empower businesses that want to best represent themselves online. A marketer's best friend!

Our Niche

Providing professional consolidated digital solutions

COre Values

We always “Start with Why”

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. From how we started our company to what we see is possible in other companies, we seek to get to the heart of what makes them successful and then use those pillars to get people to follow their ideas.

We have a curious mindset

It is simple, work at your best when you are passionate about what you are doing. And when you are passionate, you are endlessly curious. This is a guiding value that serves Surge well. We can only succeed to the degree that our client’s succeed and so we ask that you let your curiosity serve as the backbone for your time here.

We are results driven and data-informed

We aren't a traditional full-service marketing agency, so we do not count hours and seek project work. We do not exist to just close tasks. We strive to build meaningful partnerships with lasting value and that is why we base our efforts on data-informed results, rather than just specific deliverables. Every decision we make to grow our client’s business is based on real analytics, not assumptions.

We are always learning

The status quo and best practices are easy and even though it is hard work to be comfortable in your job and do great work, that is not the upshot, but the beginning for us.

Our Process

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